Combining human-centered design and technology to serve humanity is the work of Integrated Experiences, a team of 70 designers at Capital One led by Steph Hay. We specialize in designing AI/ML platforms, connected systems, and bridging physical and digital touchpoints.

We’re part of a larger organization called One Design, led by Richard Dalton, which practices human-centered design who make sure 60 million customers can be constantly connected to their money. ONE Design also happens to cut loose every December at an annual lip-sync battle. Video available upon request, MAYBE.

Come join our team!

Our team is growing FAST. We are looking for people who look beyond the work we’re doing and think holistically, thrive in ambiguity, solve problems (and love technology) and believe in collaborative approaches with a growing cross-discipline team.

We are hiring for the following roles:

Product/UX/UI Designers
Service Designers
Content Designers
Researchers Design Ops/Program Managers
AI Designers

Visual Designers
Visual/AI Tools Designers
Data Scientists
Data Visualization Designers
Data Visualization Engineers
Front-End Developers

Who you are:

  • A human-centered professional with the ability and desire to work in all phases of a design process (thinking and making). You can demonstrate depth in at least one practice area listed above.
  • A systems thinker who is innately curious and likes to dig into complex design, data, and ML/AI challenges. You think not only about the task at hand, but about how your choices scale and fit within larger, established systems and patterns.
  • A collaborative team player who puts the interest of the team above your own. You’re comfortable working with people who bring many different skills to the table, and can align your talents with theirs. No task is too big or small for you.
  • A storyteller who is able to develop clear and persuasive narratives about your work to share with a wide range of audiences, including designers, product and business partners and stakeholders.  
  • Passionate. You are genuinely interested in impacting people’s lives. You strive to know as much as you can about the people you are designing for and make decisions based on their needs.
  • Results-oriented. You’re a prototyper who understands that success comes sooner with trial and error. You develop clear action plans and deliver solutions.
  • Flexible. You know that projects can adjust at the drop of a hat. You are adaptable and have a sense of humor in the face of ambiguous design challenges.

Who we are:

You’ll be surrounded by a knockout group of people whose diverse backgrounds translate to exceptional creative-problem solving for our associates and customers. These folks are also kind and tend to take their work seriously, but themselves less seriously. Snorts after laughing may occur in group meetings. Sometimes we cry, too, though. Either way, emotions are welcome.