Capital One Tech Site
The Tech Site team designs Capital One’s API portal and supports the tech section of The site is dedicated to showcasing our digital products, ideas, and stories of our tech transformation to the broader tech community. We partner with Capital One’s Brand and larger website team to design everything from initial wireframes to the final UI.

Conversational AI
The Conversational AI team is responsible for designing and building Capital One’s gender-neutral intelligent assistant, Eno, and oversees conversational experiences spanning voice and visual for the Capital One skills on Alexa and Cortana. Our diverse team is made up of AI designers specializing in research, program management, content, UX, UI, character, and systems design. Utilizing machine learning to better understand and predict our customers’ needs, we’re personalizing each interaction and redefining their banking relationship.

Data Visualization 
The Data Visualization Design team works with teams from all over Capital One to create products, tools, and works of art that allow people to ask richer questions of their data, and find more humanity in their answers. We apply human-centered design and principles of cognition and perception to serve both data producers and consumers—as well as our customers—digging into data sets and manifesting them in enlightening, understandable ways to help inform decision making.

The DevExchange team creates and shares valuable, trusted APIs and open source projects that serve the needs of our integration partners and developer communities. Capital One’s developer portal was built around the concept of “exchange” in every sense—the exchange of ideas, information, and code in a two-way conversation between us and our partners. By creating a space to access our externalized FinTech APIs, we can co-create experiences and reach customers we’d otherwise be unable to reach.

Enterprise Customer Intelligence
The Enterprise Customer Intelligence team designs and builds internally-facing applications that unlock the tribal knowledge of data scientists and analysts across Capital One. We’re creating the underlying platforms for associates to submit insights they’re learning about the customer experience, and—in real-time—consume insights that others across the company are sharing. By helping internal teams share and access insights with as little friction as possible, we’re helping enable even more contextually-relevant experiences for our customers.

Machine Learning Platform
The Enterprise ML Platform Design team is focused on building our cloud-based platform to formalize and standardize how we practice machine learning across the company. It will enable our practitioners to produce their work quickly, at scale, and with great impact. This team will be serving the entire lifecycle of machine learning—from data access through deployment and monitoring—to ensure consistency and confidence throughout.

On-Demand Finance
The On-Demand Finance team is developing integrated and resilient finance systems that will enable an end-to-end finance service. This service will improve the way finance professionals work today and set up Capital One to better adapt and react to the risks and opportunities of tomorrow. We are looking for a variety of Designers from strategy to UX design roles, to grow an integrated team that will help us re-imagine Finance.

Open Banking
The Open Banking team is uncovering future banking engagements with partners, customers, and emerging technologies to drive a whole new era of banking practices. Leveraging what we are already good at as a bank, we’ll be building new services, environments, and products for expanded engagement across the tech landscape. We’re growing a team to help create new modes of engaging with customers and partners, proactively developing the engagement models and products of the future from APIs, to platforms, to holistic experiences.

Physical Experience Design
The Physical Experience Design team works with teams from all over Capital One, merging physical and digital mediums to create tangible, interactive, and multi-sensory experiences. Using physical storytelling techniques, we build emotional connections and visceral responses to shift perspectives, differentiating our company in this digital-first world.

The Pigeon team is developing an internal, interactive system to help employees better find, access, and understand the information they need to do their jobs best. From bots to large engagement models, we’re helping surface the right interactions between humans and data to drive impact for employees from their first day. We’re setting the foundation for the next wave of working—a collaborative effort between humans and machines that will enable a streamlined, personalized experience for every employee.

Platform/The Exchange
The Platform Design team is focused on creating the internal system that helps Capital One associates create dynamic consumer experiences. We work in small, multi-disciplined design pods with skillsets ranging from service/strategy design, research, UX/UI to implementation. Our team digs into not only what makes good experience design, but what makes good experience design at scale for a broad scope of users across the company.

The Risk team is defining and creating a Risk Experience Ecosystem that uses anticipatory, real-time capabilities to make risk management an intelligent and proactive input into business decision-making. We believe the future of banking is a technology company with the risk management practices of a leading bank. Our competitive advantage in Risk begins with an integrated, proactive risk management experience that leverages Capital One’s Tech & Data Transformations.

The Tools team is building an integrated system of tools & services powered by the Exchange, where experiences and data will empower us to to do our best work. We believe that we shouldn’t have to wait to do our best work. We believe in a world where our best work is amplified by our tools.