Executive Admin

Hello! We’re looking for a proactive, detailed, and seasoned Executive Assistant to join our Integrated Experiences team and support the 5 senior leaders based in our McLean (Towers) office.

Those leaders oversee 80 designers focused on several of Capital One’s consumer-facing products–including Alexa and Eno (Capital One’s gender-neutral intelligent assistant), and internal experiences like our data ecosystem and machine learning initiatives.

So you should be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, in a tech-forward and dynamic work culture that often requires quick and comprehensive responsiveness. Bring your keen organizational skills and “get [stuff] done” mindset to this job, along with your sense of humor, warmth, and collaborative, open spirit. This team values good people and takes care of each other.

In this role, you are a jack of all trades. You’ll perform an array of administrative functions that are absolutely critical to our running this organization efficiently. You’ll strategically manage our executives’ complex schedules thanks to your amazing prioritization and organization abilities. And you’ll handle travel arrangements, create expense reports, and disseminate information to the team with ease. As team ambassador, you are proficient in writing and proof-reading with impeccable grammar, composition, and tone.

A typical week for you will involve activities like this:

  • Pulling up with your leaders to go over the next couple weeks of calendaring, travel, and meeting priorities
  • Making sure all upcoming meetings have confirmed rooms, attendees, food if over lunch or snacks if longer than 2 hours, and Zoom or Skype info for video conferencing (and double-checking the time zones if anyone is joining from the west coast team)
  • Coordinating with other admins to share best practices, scheduling the next few recurring meetings, or just get to know each other a little better
  • Circulating a card or giving a gift to a team member who is brand new or celebrating a work anniversary
  • Ordering lunch for your execs who are in back-to-back meetings, and bringing them a cup of coffee from Peet’s around 2 PM for an afternoon zip (before they even think to ask for either)
  • Telling your leads when you sense the team needs to get together for a little QT–maybe at a volunteer event, go-kart excursion, or just a group lunch nearby
  • Updating a central list of the team roster for emails with the newest person who joined our team, and to quickly reference for inviting to all-hands events and other activities that require an always-up-to-date list of our entire team and their contact info
  • Guarding your executives’ time by asking for agendas before booking meetings, and requiring THEY provide the same for the meetings you book on their behalf
  • Emailing the entire team to remind them they need to complete their quarterly All Associate Survey by the end of the week
  • Meeting with the floor planning team to be sure everyone on our team has a desk, and proactively ensuring we’ll keep having desks even as we hire more people
  • Helping a new team member find their way through ordering hardware, submitting an expense report, or booking travel
  • Creating and submitting expense reports for the folks you support
  • Ordering healthy snacks and drinks so your team has solid energy for their work (and you do, too!) all day long

You’re likely to be especially successful in this job if you:

  • Excel at multi-tasking; things don’t slip through the cracks very often on your watch, and people can’t believe how much you do in a regular day’s work
  • Don’t get too riled up or overwhelmed; you’re a model for what “cool as a cucumber” looks like, especially under pressure
  • Balance empathy for people’s feelings with focused execution
  • Are flexible, adaptive, and a keen problem-solver who enjoys taking administrative tasks off other people’s plates
  • Don’t get caught up in other people’s stuff, negativity, or politics; this is a BS-free zone where we assume positive intent, and we work hard to keep it that way
  • Ask for help when you need it rather than spinning your wheels, but also challenge yourself to figure it out within reason
  • Are willing to apologize and not be defensive or territorial; we all make mistakes constantly and it’s part of learning, so let’s admit it, learn, and move on!
  • Have references that’ll describe you with words like “super organized,” “creative,” “independent,” “fun,” and maybe even “the heart and soul of our team”

Finally, there are a few qualifications we’re especially looking for (if you don’t have them but are confident these won’t hold you back, then by all means introduce yourself anyway and tell us why these aren’t stopping you from applying!):

  • At least 5 years experience as an assistant, events planner, or office manager
  • At least 3 years experience supporting executives’ communications, calendaring, travel, and expense reporting
  • Experience with Google (gmail, calendar, hangouts), Zoom (video), and a bit of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, PPT, Skype)

Still reading? Great, because we are really excited to meet you.

Email steph.hay@capitalone.com and describe in 3 sentences why this job is super intriguing to you, and also attach your resume or LinkedIn URL.