The team: Combining human-centered design and technology to serve humanity is the work of Integrated Experiences, a team of 70 designers at Capital One led by Steph Hay. We specialize in designing AI/ML platforms, connected systems, and bridging physical and digital touchpoints. We’re part of a larger organization called ONE Design, led by Richard Dalton, which practices human-centered design who make sure 60 million customers can be constantly connected to their money. ONE Design also happens to cut loose every December at an annual lip-sync battle. Video available upon request, MAYBE.

Your peers: You’ll be surrounded by a knockout group of people–Kendra Shimmell, Tina “TJ” Johnson-Marcel, Kim Rees, Audra Koklys Plummer, and Jesse James Garrett–whose diverse backgrounds translate to exceptional creative-problem solving for our associates and customers. These folks are also kind and tend to take their work seriously, but themselves less seriously. Snorts after laughing may occur in group meetings. Sometimes we cry, too, though. Either way, emotions are welcome.

The scoop: You’ll establish and grow a design team who’ll work with our Machine Learning and Data Science communities to design platforms our company’s associates can use to solve new problems and better understand the context of our customers’ experiences. You’ll identify the best talent to seed the team and help you grow it to 15 folks through 2019. Their locations will largely be in Northern Virginia (where the Center for Machine Learning and our headquarters are located), though you may decide to hire some folks in our NYC office (where the Data Science team lead is located). The design disciplines you hire may span a multitude of skills, from research to UX/UI to product, visual, service, and content design. Maybe you’ll invent new roles! In any case, you’ll have help–our recruiters are ace! So are your peers!–and support from key business leaders who understand the value of design and are investing in it. No uphill battles on selling the value of design here; just smart people wanting our thought partnership AND creative design skill to create internal-facing platforms so our company can operate faster and better, using interfaces and systems made with care. That’s where you come in.

You may want to raise your hand and say “TELL ME MOAR” if:

  • You’re excited by the prospect of growing a team AND cultivating the growth OF your team, individually. In fact, you have some management experience already and can share stories of how you hired or developed a design team.
  • You’re entrepreneurial, aren’t afraid to try new things, enjoy exercising your creative strategy, and prefer space to define possibilities with others. In fact, you tend to lose interest if the constraints are pre-determined.
  • You know how to facilitate discussions that yield requirements, because you are a natural researcher asking different questions to get ideas out of others’ heads and into a place that can create a shared vision–and then you can execute on that vision. In fact, you have a story or two that illustrates how you’ve gone from point A to point B, in lock-step with partners and your team.
  • SUPER BONUS POINTS: You have experience building internal applications for enterprise end-users, particularly those who are more technically minded. You don’t shy away from getting into the mechanics of making someone’s life easier by understanding the underlying systems at play, whether they’re behavioral (like incentives) or technical (like we just haven’t built that bit-o-software yet).

A year from now, I (Steph Hay) will be congratulating you on a successful year by saying: Thank you, for building meaningful relationships with your peers and partners, and for hiring a diverse team of people and creating the psychological safety they needed to bring their whole selves to work each day. After all, IT ALL STARTS WITH TALENT. And your strong leadership here has shown up in the new platforms your team has designed and released; in their support of one another and their partners (including the raving reviews from 360 feedback!); and in the early traction of end-users celebrating the relief they feel that someone really created something they love to use at work every day. That only happened because you hired, onboarded, and supported great talent. Because you created inclusive conditions for their enablement and empowerment. And because you forged such strong partnerships with your key business leaders to “build the right thing, and build the thing right.” Congratulations on a successful first year, and I can’t wait to see you, your team, and our collective work together continue to thrive next year!

Next steps: Email with a couple sentences describing why THIS job description, of every job description or offer you’ve had (including the role you’re in right now!), is particularly intriguing to you. Looking forward to it!

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