Our conversational AI team leads Capital One’s gender-neutral intelligent assistant, Eno, and oversees conversational experiences spanning voice and GUIs for the Capital One skills on Alexa (including multi-modal devices) and Cortana.

We’re looking for a seasoned Product Design leader with expertise in the AI space to join us in Northern Virginia just outside DC, and lead our Conversational AI (CAI) Design team.

This leader should have a strong vision and equal influence in communicating what an AI+EQ driven future looks like for people and money.

You’ll be expected to take full advantage of the entrepreneurial environment at Capital One, by:

  • Running the team – Support your team to design contextually relevant experiences, research how to evolve them as human behavior and technologies change, position Eno to maintain integrity, and co-create great experiences with others
  • Enabling a cohesive CAI experience that spans time and channels – With your team + Product and Tech colleagues, define and drive the quality and connectivity of Conversational AI experience across all channels—Eno is in the browser (virtual numbers at checkout!), Email, SMS, and our web and mobile apps. We also have Alexa and Cortana experiences, with more to come for all our CAI work.
  • Pioneering new methodologies – Invent dynamic ways of working within and across teams by applying human-centered design and data-informed decision-making (qualitative and quantitative research) so 100% of customers achieve their goals when interacting with Eno (yes, audacious, but it’s a north star we take seriously!)

A day in the life of the Sr Dir, CAI Design involves:

  • Participating with your full mind and voice in discussions with Product and Tech partners on the direction, priorities, and execution of Eno as it scales into new experiences—and cultivate your team’s storytelling skills to achieve the same
  • Meeting with your team to strategize and execute on cross-channel Eno journeys, from ensuring our sprints and deliverables are advancing the customer experience to integrating research, new skill sets, and additional channels into the portfolio while balancing creativity, adaptability, proactivity, responsiveness, and accountability
  • Imagining the future of Eno two years from now, including what Capital One and the team will need to BE and DO to bring this vision to life (plus how to build a bridge from here to there), and documenting it in whatever form best communicates this vision with partners and leadership
  • Getting an update on the health of the Conversational AI Design portfolio you oversee, including upcoming deadlines we’re cranking on, budget and hiring updates, and the progress of co-development and Eno University (internal scale) efforts
  • Triaging an interaction that we’ve *just* learned isn’t as good as it could be, so we can get the team activated to make it better by the next release without knocking
  • Collaborating with your colleagues on Integrated Experiences to continue transforming how we work in ONE Design—by being open about how you’re feeling and what you need; by enabling fluidity of designers across disciplines and teams; by fostering diverse and inclusive environments for people to be their best; and by cultivating teams who are happy, healthy, and working on stuff that matters

Your team includes talented folks from a variety of backgrounds and skills, including character development, UX and UI design, gaming, research, and operations. And the demands on this team are both huge and exciting—particularly given the exponential potential of developing an AI with EQ.

So the team now needs a seasoned yet curious design leader to pour rocket fuel on what’s working, and empower the team to reinvent what’s not—with equal parts speed and care—so we can enable cross-team creative exploration and invention.

Is that person you? If so, email me –> steph.hay@capitalone.com <– with a sentence or two on why this opportunity sounds particularly compelling, and I’ll respond asap.

Looking forward to learning about you and thanks for reading.

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